Thin-Skinned is a Choice

This collective anger, sadness, and anxiety rippling through this country can be solved. Yes, there are genuine reasons for those feelings. When they rule you, however, then division and problems occur. How come we get offended so easily?? Where is self-control? You do NOT have to be offended by anyone at any time. Is that difficult sometimes? Sure it is.

Thin-skinned is a choice

I am just stunned at how thin-skinned so many people did we get here? How does the media influence this sociological phenomenon? And we think popping a pill will stop it? No, it won't! Choice people!! Make the choice today to own your day and generate kindness, gratitude, appreciation, happiness!

Thin-Skinned | BrainCodeCorp

Kip Rodgers-BrainCodeSome of my deepest thoughts come to me whilst sitting at red lights. It happens to all of us, I just thought I'd write them down and share them with you! I'd love to hear your feedback on the thoughts that haunt my mind while waiting on "the other guy" to get off his cell phone and notice that the light is green!

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  1. Kathleen Mills on May 13, 2022 at 2:27 am

    Love this in so many ways!!! Thank you for giving me permission to be bold!

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