News or editorial, can you tell?

Are you ready for the next 10 months? No matter where you turn to listen to 'news', can you really distinguish it from 'editorial'?

I just cannot bear to watch national news right now. The insanity of our politics and the editorial style of news these days sends my stomach into turmoil. It is clickbait and indoctrination. No matter which channel of news you watch, you are not guaranteed facts nor truth. It is a version of the truth. News or editorial, can you tell the difference?

News sources

How do I get my news? Well, I obtain it in small doses nationally through the mainstream but also through specific websites. I tend to digest more editorial or news-talk via AM radio and podcasts. Okay, okay, quite possibly more clickbait and indoctrination, but of my choosing.

I tend to digest the Mark Davis Show on 660AM The Answer on my way to work in the morning. Random fact: Did you know I was a guest on his show back in 1995? Of course you did not, it was nearly thirty frick’n years ago. These were the early days of Mark’s show on WBAP.

Yes, it was ‘gold,’ as Mark would say, lol.

Why was I on? Thanks for asking. Back then, I was taking a couple classes at Texas Women’s University when my microbiology professor went off on a political tirade. I cassette tape-recorded every class back then because I could not write my notes as fast as the professor was talking. I would go home and listen to the class again, review, and add to my notes.

This particular day, my prof was aiming to influence us to vote Democrat in the upcoming election. As a faithful listener of Mark’s show, I called in to the show about what happened in class, and he asked me to bring the recording to the station. I ended up as a guest on the show that Friday and even stayed and did NFL picks with Mark. The whole incident even landed on the front page of the Denton Record-Chronical.

Enough of that, but suffice it to say, I remain a loyal listener of Mark Davis to this day!

Digest a podcast

During my morning routine and my fitness walks, I digest podcasts. Some of them contain news and editorial, others are personal development or spiritual in nature. One podcast about the patriarchy tremendously aggravates me, but I force myself to listen because it is so opposite of what I think and have experienced. But I keep listening to try and understand such different views.

Here is a sampling of my library of podcasts. *Indicates shows where I have been a guest:

Therapy Disrupters – must start with my own podcast

The Andrew Klavan Show

The Ed Mylett Show

Compete Every Day with Jake Thompson*

Fire Side Chat with Dennis Prager

The Ken Coleman Show

Mentally Stronger with Amy Morin

The Chalene Johnson Show

Sports Spectrum Podcast

Motivation with Brendon Burchard

The Bottom Line with Jaco Booyens

Start your Comeback with Toni Thrash

The Wealth and Income Podcast*

Way of Champions with John O’Sullivan

Tennis IQ Podcast

The Dr. Ashley Show

Huberman Lab

Hustle and Pro with Kelly Walker*

Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast

The Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast

The Gut Project Podcast

Elev8 Podcast with Tyler Johnson*

The Basketball Strong Podcast

Let me know your news and editorial

If you have a great podcast you enjoy, let me know because I love this format!

As I sit here today, I cannot lie, I am concerned about what our nation is going through and will go through during the next 10 months.

Hang on! Vote! Get involved!

Kip Rodgers-BrainCodeSome of my deepest thoughts come to me whilst sitting at red lights. It happens to all of us, I just thought I'd write them down and share them with you! I'd love to hear your feedback on the thoughts that haunt my mind while waiting on "the other guy" to get off his cell phone and notice that the light is green!

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