Controversy in Commencement

Hard to miss all the controversy about NFL kicker Harrison Butker’s commencement speech. Here is my take solely based on his speech (not comments he made before or after).

Honestly, I find it disgusting to degrade a man who clearly loves his wife and upholds her in high regard. I can’t say that about other professional athletes…those who do not marry their child’s mom and/or have multiple babies with different women creating single mother homes.

Let’s take for example Tyreek Hill, who has ten children from five different women. In 2014, he plead guilty to domestic assault and battery by strangulation. In March of 2019 Hill was investigated for alleged battery involving his 3-year-old son. The NFL released a statement in July 2019 saying Hill would not be suspended and they found no evidence in their investigation that Hill violated the personal contact policy. In 2023, Miami-Dade Police investigated Hill for another alleged assault. Hill and his alleged victim reached a settlement agreement. Again, the NFL announced they would not be punishing Hill for the incident.

What? Where is the controversy here?

What did the NFL say about Butker?

Yes, the NFL released a statement about Butker’s pro-marriage and pro-family commencement speech indicating Butker spoke on his own accord and during his own time. The NFL declared Butker’s statements ‘are not those of the NFL organization.’

Well, I guess now we know where the NFL stands on these issues. This is disheartening as a professional who assists these players to be their best on and off the field. Again, where is the controversy here?

How diabolical to pour hatred on a man who is pro-marriage and pro-family. Our world needs more men committed to such values of faith, family, and providing through their hard work and commitment.

Listen carefully before creating controversy

How insecure of all of you who condemn a man who says, ‘one of the most important titles in life is homemaker.’ He did NOT say it was the ONLY one. So, simmer down now!

Did you actually listen to his speech? Consider the applause Butker got after his short focus on women and his wife. No applause occurred any other time until the end when he got a standing ovation. This is a Catholic man speaking to graduates of a Catholic College. He knew his audience and affirmed them.

Oh, wait, do you not believe in affirming care and free speech anymore? What is the controversy about given the man knew his audience.

How naïve and immature to believe this man is suppressing women. Far from it. And it is dangerous to say so. He is a man who recognizes the gift of women and the value of her chosen role. His wife chose to stay at home.

It is sickening to slaughter this man. He should be praised for holding these values at 28-years-old. When the family unit breaks down, then we have a destructive and weak society. He knows it and is speaking to those Catholic graduates to continue to uphold those faith-based family values.

The devastation of broken homes

I’ve seen 1000’s of athletes in my office across 27 years. The breakdown of the family unit and the absence of a man in the home leaves a harmful impact. If you so easily rail against this man for praising women and family values, why are you not calling out the evil being done by the men who break the law, abuse their women, abandon their families, and squander their money on frivolous consumption?

Come on, where are you? Seriously…Why are you not actually calling out the dangerous and horrific choices of these athletes?

My children

I hope my son finds and chooses a woman who values him and her children more than her career. Children are profoundly better off when one parent stays home in the early years. As a mother, I taught my son to value women, respect women, protect women, and stand up for what is good, right, and pure.

For the record, my two children are the greatest joy and always have been the ultimate gifts of my life. I was able to stay home with them their first six years of life and I would not trade that for any career, accolade, or title. Butker is right! I do value my children more than my career (and I love my career as it is a calling to serve and impact people). I’m grateful I got to be home with my children during their early years. I made training, parenting, and even coaching their sports teams a priority. And when I found myself a single mom, I built my business around their schedule. They came first.

I am grateful my daughter found a man who shows this same pro-marriage and pro-family character. He upholds her in love and protection. He honors her and her choices in vocation and family life.

No controversy at the end of life

You know this, no one at the end of their life wishes for more time in the office. We review our lives and if we lived our legacy. We value and want more time with our family and friends. We want more time with our loved ones. There is no controversy here.

Instead of Butker, how about we call out the behavior of three Congresswomen this week. Their behavior is far more dangerous and embarrassing for women. Their immature actions and lack of respect and decorum should be met with equal outrage.

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