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Pharma | BrainCodeCorpParenting athletes is hard work. There's an entirely new and different set of dynamics at work. You have to be mom, dad, or mom and dad, coach, counselor, EMT, equipment manager, engineer, and seamstress all before dinner! You're not alone and maybe, just maybe, we can help each other navigate this never-ending path to glory. Hey, what's your biggest challenge with your athlete?

Big Pharma is Medicating Normal

By Kip Rodgers | July 9, 2023 |

Too many times when kids and teens show up in my office, they have been on the ‘Big Pharma medication wheel’ aiming to ‘fix’ their anxiety, depression, their ADD/ADHD, or their social fears. It is an attempt by Big Pharma to medicate normal. This is what I hear. One medication tried. It did not work.…

Five Ways to Help Curb Overthinking

By Kip Rodgers | April 9, 2023 |

As parents, we teach how to curb overthinking in our kids. Overthinking focuses on past mistakes and/or focuses on the future potential for more. Thus, helping our kids manage thoughts and emotions holds significant power as a life skill required for success. Let’s face facts, we know as adults, when anxiety or worry sets in,…

7 Ways to Properly Build Self-Esteem

By Kip Rodgers | February 13, 2023 |
Pharma | BrainCodeCorp

Building the self-esteem of our children requires both what ‘to do‘ and what ‘NOT to do.’ While not an exhaustive list, perhaps this provides some guidance and direction on how to properly build self-esteem. You, as a parent after all, play a crucial role in developing a strong belief or confidence in your kids. Teach…

Role Model Emotional Self-Control

By Kip Rodgers | January 7, 2023 |

How well do you role model emotional self-control? This is a make or break life lesson. All kids need to learn the skill of emotional self-control. And guess who their first role models are of managing feelings? Yes, YOU! You the parent are the first role models your children watch as you navigate your negative…

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