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Professional Athlete, High Performance Coach, Sports Psychologist - Kip Watson is a 23-year veteran therapist who has helped transform thousands of lives. With her own life full of challenges and successes, her story telling equally moves an audience towards greater levels of hope and consistency in their personal and professional lives.

Kip's Signature Presentation Topics

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Predict Meltdowns & Prevent Them

Every brain has a code and it’s the hardest part to assess and understand because we can’t see it. Some overthink, some are hyper, some procrastinate, some fear socializing while others are depressed or anxious. In this talk, attendees will do an interactive assessment to learn their own unique Braincode, plus they will walk out with 4 coping strategies to empower them for maximum potential

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The Self-Help Movement Lied to You

During this talk, attendees learn some of the top self-help lies such as you need more self-esteem & confidence to be successful; you can’t love others until you love yourself; you should not judge anyone; the most important pursuit in life is happiness; and life should be fair. Attendees will leave equipped with my R.A.F.T-Method as a strategy for change and better mental health and satisfaction in life.

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Your Fears are Fake

Understanding how anxiety impacts the body, emotions, and the mind is revealed in this talk along with the main driver of our fears - the pain we are trying to avoid. Attendees will learn the different types of pain which generate fear, gain 3 tactics for reframing fear, plus discover the #1 trait needed to overcome fear.

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The Battlefield for Hope

 Good thing I did not know the incredible challenges of life I would face when I entered this world. My story includes overcoming a tough relationship with my mom, losing 65 pounds & keeping it off, the traumatic birth of my daughter, being homeless, to nearly being killed in a car accident. During this talk, you’ll hear my empowering life stories as I teach people how to hold on to hope using High Performance Habits.

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Equipping Our Kids For Today’s Reality

Covid-19, sports changes, school changes, and family disruptions are common; we cannot stop challenges and problems from happening to our kids. Learn to equip your kids with the vital key high performance skills every young person needs to succeed in personal and academic endeavors.. Attendees will gain insight on different styles of parenting, the "bubble effect" and how to prepare kids for reality.

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Confidence, the Most Sought After Tool in the Mental Toolbox 

How would you define confidence? Is it a feeling? A belief? A skill? In this talk, we clear up the confusion on what confidence IS and IS NOT. I show attendees what to focus on to create and maintain confidence and how to access more of it. You'll also learn how to keep emotions stable when confidence drops.

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We've Helped Athletes From These Groups and More!

Bernadette Fiaschetti

Host of One Life Radio & Co-creator of Wing Stop

“Kip Watson is a intelligent and passionate speaker, with a heart that is brave. Her articulation will get your attention as she opens your mind to listen.“

Kasandra Mitchell

Author The Happiness Formula, CEO Epiphany Financial

“I have had the pleasure to hear Kip speak on stage in front of hundreds, on the radio, and as a co-presenter with her in a small private setting. Every time her delivery and message is spot on. She is intentional and deliberate with her words and it is powerful. Kip is more than a good speaker, she is an engaging educator.”

Scott Secules

Associate Director, Positive Coaching Alliance and Former NFL QB Dallas Cowboys, Miami Dolphins, New England Patriots

“Kip brings her warm engaging style and a wealth of experiences and stories to her workshops. She is equally effective in front of a room full of coaches, sports parents, or student-athletes, and has the power and gift of engaging the audience and presenting the material more like an experience versus a presentation. Her athletics career, experiences as a coach and a youth sports parent (at the same time) and the experiences and situations she has helped her clients navigate along
their life journey add to what makes Kip a special speaker and a great asset to PCA and our North Texas training team."

Stuart Smith

Co-owner & Head Coach Texas Ford Aquatics

"Kip has been instrumental in helping our athletes not only understand concepts such as ‘goal-setting,’ and ‘growth-mindset,’ among others; she successfully empowers them with the tools to master these techniques. This process helps remove obstacles and unnecessary thoughts and guides the athletes on the most direct path to excellence. "

David Dickerson

CEO Christian Counseling Assoc., LPC-Supervisor

“Kip Watson has been a dear friend and trusted colleague for many years. She is on the top of my referral list for working with athletes, business executives, and other professionals with whom I work. I greatly respect her, and value her work. She is a gifted speaker who not only holds an audience's attention, but gives them something of value as a take-away from their time with her.” 

Andrea & Tim Brown

Legacy Christian Academy

“Coach Kip has been an invaluable resource to our family as well as to our schools entire football team. In fact, she was an integral part of our teams winning season. Kip’s positive approach and guidance helped turn negative situations around and taught us how to do the same. She is practical, thoughtful and fun!! Simply put....we LOVE Coach Kip and appreciate all that she has invested in our children and team."

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