Changing the Definition Doesn’t Make Things Easier

How is a bad joke and a pat on the butt 'sexual assault'? That indeed does a dis-service to those of us who have been assaulted. #metoo is a serious issue that now appears to attract those who have been offended by bad taste, poor judgement and perhaps being 89 and elderly!

Good Lord, you know how many sexual jokes and disgusting comments I have heard over the years in the newsroom, football field, training rooms and locker rooms? Come on women... let us use our voices wisely to STOP criminals but not go so far we change the definition of 'assault'. Done with that.

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Kip Rodgers-BrainCodeSome of my deepest thoughts come to me whilst sitting at red lights. It happens to all of us, I just thought I'd write them down and share them with you! I'd love to hear your feedback on the thoughts that haunt my mind while waiting on "the other guy" to get off his cell phone and notice that the light is green!

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