What is covered by my insurance? Can I use my medical insurance for NeuroSport assessments, mental-training, or high performance coaching?

While some therapy services are covered by medical insurance depending on your provider, benefits, and deductible, most of Kip’s services are strictly on a self-pay basis. Only therapy services for specific diagnoses are available to be submitted to insurance companies for payment. Please note that these diagnoses become a permanent part of medical records and history.

Please contact Susan Gibson at susan@cmhbilling.com to find out about your policy.

NeuroSport Assessments, testing, and mental training sessions are NOT covered by insurance. High performance coaching is NOT covered by insurance.

What is the cost for services?

Cost for services depends on the type of services you are seeking. Please contact us for specifics.

 What is the MBTI™?

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator™ is the most widely used psychological instrument in the world based on human behavior theory developed by C.G. Jung. The instrument has been around for decades and is used by many Fortune 500 companies and the U.S. Government.

While someone’s ‘personality’ is a reflection of experiences, cultural upbringing, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social characteristics, there exists an innate systemic function of the brain. In essence, human behavior is not random but predictable and classifiable. These differences in behavior are the result of in-born preferences that emerge early in life.

With over 50 years of research and development, the current MBTI™ is the most reliable and valid method for determining preferences and understanding normal differences in people.

 Why do you use the MBTI™? Can people really change then?

Great questions! Kip finds the MBTI™ provides a simple and easy way to increase self-awareness about strengths and challenge areas based on goals and obstacles towards achievement. With this framework in place, then it provides a more clear road map towards coaching and developing weak areas without detracting from strengths.

Yes, people can change! Given what we have learned about the brain through neuroscience, brain and gut health, Kip and experts in her field know that YES people can change. That said, change requires intention and a willingness to learn and transform to achieve. And, without that desire, change is near impossible.

Do I have to come to the office for my consultation?

No. Our main office is centrally located in Frisco, TX; however, Kip works with athletes and people all over the country. She conducts interviews and on-going mental training in-person, by phone, email, video/web-type conferencing methods.

It is preferable to be face-to-face with Kip in her office or at an on-site location. Kip is available to travel to an athlete’s or an organization’s location for assessment and training services. Please inquire about those services.

 How might my agent, coach and parents participate?

When an athlete is 18 years old or younger, it is required that one parent accompany the athlete at the time of intake and at the time of the results session. Kip believes parents are a part of an athletes ‘success team’ and may need ‘training’ too for their role in helping an athlete reach consistent high performance.

Kip often makes coaching recommendations for parents and it is vital they are on board Kip often works with an athlete’s coach and/or trainer to develop physical workouts or drills to enhance certain mental skills. And, as both Kip and the Coach are members of an athlete’s ‘success team’, Kip aims to work along side the Coach. Just like one style of parenting doesn’t work with every kid, one style of coaching does not work on every athlete. Kip can provide clear information on best motivation, teaching, and feedback techniques to assist the Coach with the athlete.

When an athlete is older than 18-years-old and his or her competitive or training status is dependent upon assessment, mental-skills training, or clinical treatment, those third-parties may have an active role in the process. Hence, the athlete will be required to sign a release of information document naming each third-party (such as the team personnel, an agent, a parent, a trainer, and/or the like) to allow access to coaching and treatment information.

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