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I employed the services of Kip to ensure that not only did my husband and I understand the potential pitfalls in our communication, but our strengths to ensure a more harmonious union. We didn’t stop with counseling for just Chris and I, we invited Kip into the lives of our three teenagers and had her conduct a “braincode assessment” in order to parent and understand them better. Kip has been instrumental in building a solid foundation of healthy communication to help us through those inevitable moments of conflict and misunderstanding. A brief testimonial does not do justice to the Divine inspiration, understanding and insight this woman has breathed into our lives. She truly is a Gift from God.

Kasandra Vitacca Mitchell

Owner Epiphany Financial, wife, and mom

Contact Information

Phone: 214-543-4108
email: kip@braincodecorp.com

Address: 2770 Main Street, Suite 154 Frisco, TX 75033

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