caitlin carterGetting my NeuroSport evaluation and discovering my Brain Zip Code allowed me to pinpoint my strengths and weaknesses as an athlete. By discovering my weaker traits, I could develop a training plan that really targeted my limiters so I could eventually overcome them. It was also nice to have a report that I could give to my coaches to help them understand me better as an athlete. I have noticed a significant positive change in how I handle stressors and how I approach my training and competitions. Even if you aren’t an athlete, discovering your brain zip code can help you in your relationships and your career. The assessment can reveal your communication style, how you learn best, and what job fields you’d excel in.

Caitlin Carter, MS, USAWCC

Sports Performance Coach

Former Team USA Skeleton

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Phone: 214-543-4108

Address: 2770 Main Street, Suite 154 Frisco, TX 75033

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