Testimonial Mook WilliamsI’d say that if you are a client who is looking to gain an edge in a competitive environment, whether that is in the classroom, boardroom, or the National Football League, you absolutely have to undertake the NeuroSport process, because it not only is going to assist you in marketing yourself to others, but most importantly, it is going to help you understand yourself, and get the most out of yourself during each future step.

Mook Williams

Sports Agent


Testimonial Anthony DorsettThe Braincoding stuff Kip does is valuable. She can tell you how you are wired and how that helps you improve with your specific position on the field. She is a great woman and I’m just so blessed to have a woman like her in my life.

Anthony Dorsett, Jr.

Former Safety/CB NFL Oakland Raiders & Tennessee Titans

Testimonial J.T. ThomasIn the last couple of months, I’ve been in situations and big groups. This has definitely helped out. What’s going to separate me from the other 52 linebackers? Knowing yourself and how you are wired–it has given me the confidence to lead. I know I have the attributes of a leader, so I don’t hesitate. Knowing yourself is half the battle.

J.T. Thomas

Linebacker NFL N.Y. Giants

caitlin carterGetting my NeuroSport evaluation and discovering my Brain Zip Code allowed me to pinpoint my strengths and weaknesses as an athlete. By discovering my weaker traits, I could develop a training plan that really targeted my limiters so I could eventually overcome them. It was also nice to have a report that I could give to my coaches to help them understand me better as an athlete. I have noticed a significant positive change in how I handle stressors and how I approach my training and competitions. Even if you aren’t an athlete, discovering your brain zip code can help you in your relationships and your career. The assessment can reveal your communication style, how you learn best, and what job fields you’d excel in.

Caitlin Carter, MS, USAWCC

Sports Performance Coach

Former Team USA Skeleton

testimonialkenyonramboKip is the founder of NeuroSport. She’s helped me out in many aspects of life, not just football. She can also help you.

Ken-Yon Rambo

Owner Rambo Transport

Former WR Dallas Cowboys, CFL Calgary Stampeders

Testimonial Mikell MairThe NeuroSport athletic assessment has made a big difference in helping me accomplish my goals on and off the field. It has helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses, mentally and physically and also provided positive insight for me in my pursuit to becoming a pro athlete. Since the assessment I have developed an incredible edge in my game, I have spent a year working on strengthening my weaknesses and mastering my strengths. I have discovered that I have many talents that I never knew existed within me. I am truly thankful for the time and effort that Kip and NeuroSport has put into me and my development mentally and physically.

Mikell Mair

Former Linebacker Texas A&M Commerce


Testimonial Nation HahnKip Watson is a testament to what can happen when you believe in yourself. Her story is inspiring and her contacts are invaluable. I highly recommend aspiring athletes consider working with her as they attempt to fulfill their dreams.

Nation Hahn

Chief Growth Officer at Education NC

Former Director of Digital Media Enterprises, United Football League, LLC

Odessa JenkinsAs a competitor and leader, I’ve gained an extra edge to my mental skill set. “NeuroSport’s thorough assessment not only helped me improve on the field but it better equipped me off the field in my full time job and with my family. Kip is incredible and helped me even on a Spiritual level. When she says she is going to pray, trust me, that girl prays.

Odessa Jenkins

3-Time National WFA Championship

League MVP Running Back/Defensive Back

Owner and Head Coach of Texas Elite womens professional tackle football team

Testimonial Vincent ChaseIt made me realize what I’m capable of mentally and helped set achievable goals.

Vincent Chase, Tight End

Silver Leader Advo Care

Dallas Reds Rugby

Former TE Southern Methodist University

Testimonial Susan F. NardiNeuroSport provided clarity in defining my goals, so I could map out the most effective strategy to reach them. I loved the attention to detail and the thought-provocation conversation that led to positive action. Don’t change a thing!

Susan F. Nardi, Professional Tennis Coach

Tennis Pro and Performance Architect at McMullin Tennis Complex

Shaud WilliamsSome of the stuff the tests revealed was kind of surprising. I mean when you read the information, it just kind of hits you right on the head and you’re saying to yourself ‘Wow! That’s what it is. That’s what’s been going on.

Shaud Williams

S&C Coach University of Oregon

Former SEC leading rusher at Alabama

Former NFL RB Buffalo Bills; UFL Omaha Nighthawks

daughter Emily“What a difference in our daughter! Kip has helped Emily work through her fear by developing visualization skills and understanding how her specific Braincode works for her sport. Em learned how to overcome her fears and now has back to back District Bar Championship Titles for Level 7 and Level 8. Kip is a former gymnast and truly understands the pressure and fear many gymnasts experience.”

DeAnna Buffington

Mom to Emily - USA Gymnastics Level 8

Storee Yzaguirre“I’m learning to train my mind to tell myself to keep going when my body says stop.”

Storee Yzaguirre

University of Missouri NCAA gymnast

testimonial ceasar

It helped me in a lot of ways. Mentally, it has changed drastically and I can’t be more thankful for her. My results started to improve and I was more consistent on and off the field.

Cesear Paz

HS Varsity & select baseball player, Frisco, TX

testimonial kasandra

I employed the services of Kip to ensure that not only did my husband and I understand the potential pitfalls in our communication, but our strengths to ensure a more harmonious union. We didn’t stop with counseling for just Chris and I, we invited Kip into the lives of our three teenagers and had her conduct a “braincode assessment” in order to parent and understand them better. Kip has been instrumental in building a solid foundation of healthy communication to help us through those inevitable moments of conflict and misunderstanding. A brief testimonial does not do justice to the Divine inspiration, understanding and insight this woman has breathed into our lives. She truly is a Gift from God.

Kasandra Vitacca Mitchell

Owner Epiphany Financial, wife, and mom

testimonial kirkland

Anne Kip Watson is a trustworthy professional that has a deep and detailed knowledge of her field. She has my trust. She is an expert giving top quality at a good value.

Levon Kirkland

Arizona Cardinals Outside Linebackers Coach

Former NFL Pro-Bowler Linebacker Pittsburgh Steelers

testimonial rachel

Kip has helped me not only come out of depression but strengthen my faith. She helped me fine my mission and goal in life and for that I am so thankful.

Rachel Dunn

Actress, softball player, student

testimonial ray

Josh is doing great, in part, I am sure, because you were able to accurately assess his football makeup. My new group andpI will remember the quality of your assessment as we finalize our 12-person recruiting class this year.

Ray Brownell

VP at Centauri Partners

President at Affinity Sports & Entertainment

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