kipFor nearly 20 years, as a Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Trainer and Professional Athlete, Kip has assisted individuals, families, coaches, and athletes from grade school level to the NFL to maximize mental and physical potential. Noted for a gentle yet challenging style of communication, she provides an environment focused on true change. Her clients have gone from giving up on life and dreams to achieving more than they thought possible.

She holds herself in that camp as well. In her 40’s, she fulfilled a dream of becoming a professional athlete playing women’s professional tackle football for the 4-time World Champion Dallas Diamonds. She earned her World Championship ring in 2008 playing safety and special teams for the Diamonds. In addition, breaking gender boundaries, Kip served as the first female football coach in the Frisco Football League where her son played for five years.

Back in the day, Kip was a competitive gymnast and a part of two State of Ohio team championships. She holds two state vaulting titles, and regional honors as a part of Universal Gymnasts, Inc. She was inducted into the UGI Hall of Fame in 1978.

Through her company Braincode Corp/NeuroSport™, she uses the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI™), neuroscience, and her years of experience as an athlete, mom, and educator to work with individuals, corporations, universities, families, and coaches to customize training and preparation for stated objectives. No aspect of training goes untouched. Working in collaboration with a client and/or their department, family or team, she assists the facilitation of enhancing physical & mental strengths, while developing pinpointed weaknesses. She provides life skills training including goal-setting, facing adversity, dealing with pressure, and key factors in motivation, cooperation, and constructive communication.

Many times, she admits, she deals with the ‘messiness’ that comes up in life and in relationships. Everyone has some and she is glad to step in and help navigate improvement.

She holds a Master’s degree from Dallas Theological Seminary in Biblical Counseling and a second Master’s in Sports Psychology from Argosy University. She received her undergraduate degree from Texas Tech University in Mass Communications. As a highly regarded speaker, Kip has delivered workshops on such issues as physical & mental performance, conflict resolution & problem-solving, managing versus leading, and fitness, obesity, and eating disorders. Recently, she served as Chair of Be Fit Frisco, the City of Frisco, Texas Fitness & Health Initiative Committee. She is a weekly co-host on the One Life Radio Network heard on iHeart radio and stations around the country including DFW1190AM. She has appeared on the Fox 4 Morning Show, WFAA, CW33, KSCS, KLIF, The Mark Davis Show, The Artie Clear Show, Las Vegas Unplugged, and Cleveland Sports 360.

Kip currently resides in the Dallas area with her two children, 16 and 14. In her spare time, she works with the Life Enrichment Bootcamp  program and the Positive Coaching Alliance.

Anne 'Kip' WatsonMA, Licensed Professional Counselor

Sports Psychology Professional - Certified Personal Trainer - Team Beachbody Coach

Call 214-543-4108 for an appointment.

Radio: One Life Radio co-host

Kip now co-hosts on the One Life Radio Network broadcast locally on 1190am as well as on iHeart radio here 10:00-11:00AM Weekdays just before the Glenn Beck show.

Dave Rodgers

Dave brings a different perspective to Braincode Corp. He spent the first 15 years of his career as a golf professional, managing the ins and outs of the Marion Country Club Golf Course in Marion, Ohio.  His finance degree from Franklin University, coupled with his love of golf enabled him to oversee the success of the golf shop and the course. His transition into the finance world was smooth, as his main focus has been working with small business clients, helping with both tax and accounting services. He has assisted clients in the area of Real Estate, Insurance, and the Food and Beverage Industries.

As a hands-on financial officer for the past 8 years, Dave prides himself in client relations, follow through, and creative problem solving. His areas of expertise comprise tax, financial reporting, and Quickbooks. His professional and community involvement includes acting treasurer for Llewellyn Farms Civic Association and he coaches basketball in the Dublin, Ohio Youth Athletics.

Dave currently resides in Dublin, Ohio with his wife and two children.

Robert Rodgers

Robert F. Rodgers, Ph.D., is Emeritus Associate Professor of Psychology and Education at The Ohio State University. He has been on the Faculty of Psychology and Education since 1974. Dr. Rodgers’ teaching and research focuses on personality type (Braincode) and psychosocial and cognitive-structured development. He investigates questions concerning the integrated use of type and various developmental perspectives in designing, teaching, workshop, retreat, coaching, and organization development practice. He also studies issues concerning gender conditioning and type preference.

Dr. Rodgers has taught a graduate class on Psychological Type™, covering both type and temperament theory since 1976. The class covers type theory and research, the construction and validity of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator™ (MBTI™), and the uses of type to design professional practice in a number of fields. He has done evaluative research comparing practice design with and without the use of type. Currently, he is looking into whether gender condition or type may be responsible for some of the perceived differences between men and women in Caucasian, African-American and Latino cultures.

He uses type (Brain Coding™) in his consulting with athletic teams, teaching and learning, organization development and team building. He has been a consultant to The Ohio State University’s men’s and women’s golf teams and a variety of service, religious, and commercial organizations.


Danielle Guilliod

Without a girls team, high school athlete Danielle Guilliod played on the boys varsity soccer team where she was captain and 1st team all-district her sophomore, junior, and senior year. Her club career consisted of playing up with the North Texas Strikers Soccer Club. She competed in the Classic 2 and Classic 1. During her last two seasons of club, she played on the Sting Soccer Club 91 girls team finishing 1st place in Classic 1 and playing at Regionals twice. Throughout her club career she contended against girls from UNC, Notre Dame, Texas A&M, and other players from top schools. When deciding on a University, Danielle’s coach told her to pick any school in the nation and he will make sure she obtained a full soccer scholarship. Danielle stayed close to home and chose to play at the University of North Texas, on a full soccer scholarship. As a freshman she started over a senior and junior and had a great year. Unfortunately her college soccer career was cut short when she blew out her knee the first game of her sophomore year and had two reconstructing surgeries. She graduated at Stephen F. Austin State University with a degree in Psychology.

Danielle continues her education studying sports psychology. She aims to help athletes on the physical and mentally aspect of staying strong throughout their sports career with a special emphasis on injury recovery given her experience. She currently resides in the Dallas area.


Toni Thrash

Yes, you’ve heard of the Terminator, perhaps Batman or Wonder Woman, well, we have ‘The Thrasher’ at Braincode Corp. With over 30 combined years as an athlete and coach, Toni is the relationship builder and develops trust by accepting you for who you are regardless of your issues or level of success.

The Thrasher’s success as a leader resides in her passion to ask the questions you may not want to answer. She is intentional about serving you and walking along side you so that you find your voice and your highest performance level. She aims to reach young people and give them a safe place to share and gain live skills.

Starting her coaching career in Midland, TX at Calvary Christian Academy, Toni then accepted a position 2006 at Legacy Christian Academy. She has coached volleyball, basketball, and tennis at LCA including a back to back state tennis champion in 2006 and 2007.

As an athlete, the emergency room stayed ready as Coach Thrash played anything involving a ball which fits for her fine motor skilled Braincode. Whether in the neighborhood with all the guys or on a team, Toni was accomplished in softball, basketball, tackle football, tennis, and golf earning Outstanding Golfer awards two years in high school.

Sports is such a passion of Toni’s, her mom often said, ‘I just know I will get the call someday to send the hearse to the gym to carry Toni out’.

Toni holds a BS degree in Human Development and Family Studies from Texas Tech University and she is a Certified Life Coach Practitioner from Certified Coaching Federation (CCF). She is an accomplished blogger,, and she owns more Nike shoes than the Nike warehouse.

Toni currently resides in Frisco, TX with her dog Andy. Her two sons, Taylor and Cameron, pop in to visit her mainly when they want food. In her spare time you can find her playing sand volleyball with people half her age, reading, cooking, and listening to music.


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